Church Matching Grant

King's Church Matching Grant builds partnerships with Christian churches around the world. The grant assists students and families in financing their King's education by matching support from their church community. Awarding of the Church Matching Grant is based on financial need, availability of funds, and the guidelines listed below.

Church Matching Grant Application

We're thrilled to partner with churches around the world to provide affordable Christian university education to all students. Submit the Church Matching Grant Application Form using the instructions in the document below to apply.

Application Form

Application Process

Applications and cheques must be sent together (only cheques from a church will be accepted). Applications are considered in the order that they are received, subject to fund availability.

For students attending a full academic year, King's will match up to $2,000. For students attending one semester only, King's will match up to $1,000.

Application Deadlines

March 31: For students who attend both Fall and Winter semesters, or Fall semester only
November 30: For students who attend Winter semester only

Student Eligibility

  • In order for funds to be matched by King's, students must demonstrate financial need as determined by King's Student Scholarships and Finance Office.
  • This grant is available to incoming first-year students only.
  • Students must enroll in a minimum of 9 credits per semester (60% course load) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.

Church Donation Eligibility

  • The church may not submit funds from wages earned by the student or in lieu of volunteer work.
  • The church may not submit funds from an individual to a specific student for the Church Matching Grant.
    Awards must be from general funds.
  • If a special offering is taken, family members or relatives should not participate.
  • The donation must be sent with charitable intent. There is no immediate or long-term benefit to the church.
  • The church’s donation is a restricted gift and non-refundable.
  • For the purposes of the grant, a “church” is understood as a Christian church with a congregation holding weekly services. Donations from other non-profit organizations will not be matched.