Music Department

Our classical music courses are designed to not only familiarize the student with the physical aspects of the art  (including theory and performance techniques) and its aesthetic qualities, but also to seek answers to philosophical questions concerning its nature, origin and development. The program also offers an opportunity for private music instruction.


Music Classroom
King’s Faculty of Music boasts wonderful amenities for learning, practicing and performing.

Our music classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard, enhancing in-class demonstrations, analyses, and presentations, while permitting the instructor to make use of state-of-the-art teaching methods. Additional amenities include an upright Petrof piano and an excellent stereo system for playback of musical examples.

Nicholas B. Knoppers Hall
Our performance hall seats an audience of 200 and features excellent acoustics, instruments and recording facilities.  The hall’s instrumental inventory includes:

  • A Yamaha nine-foot concert grand piano, once owned by renowned pianist Glenn Gould
  • A Hailun seven-foot grand piano
  • A Letourneau 12-stop, two manual mechanical pipe organ
  • A Hubbard one-manual, Flemish-style harpsichord
  • A Sabathil two-manual pedal harpsichord

In addition, King’s organ students have lessons weekly at West End Christian Reformed Church, which boasts a beautiful 36-stop, two manual mechanical Letourneau organ, and is an excellent alternative resource for recitals.

Practice Rooms

  • Our practice rooms are bright, naturally-lit and spacious! 
  • Practice time is scheduled for each term according to availability and student needs. 
  • Two of our practice rooms feature grand pianos.

Private Music Instruction

Interested in studying trumpet? Harp? Violin? Organ? King's offers private musical instruction in a wide variety of instruments, from the unpretentious recorder to the resplendent pipe organ. Additionally, King's offers courses on choral conducting, pedagogy, and collaborative piano, all of which are taught by our sessional instructors.

Private music instruction is not only for Music Majors/Minors; these courses can also be taken to fulfill Fine Arts credits of any degree at King's.