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Study Accounting at The King's University

New Program: Launches September 2021

King's Accounting programs launch in September 2021. Interested prospective students can apply for King's immediately as a business major and add a minor in Accounting in their following year of study.

King's Accounting degree programs prepare students with the ability to wield numbers and financial management in the world of business. Topics such as ensuring a balanced budget, tracking capital assets and liabilities, and a sound knowledge and understanding of Canadian tax systems are just some of the important skills taught in this program. King's Accounting program is fully accredited by CPA Alberta. This means graduates can pursue their professional accounting designation upon graduation from King's

In addition to being the perfect program for students looking to obtain their chartered accountant designation, this program is a great fit for students looking to pursue careers related to finances, auditing, money management, and more.

Accounting Program Highlights

  • Gain exposure to the world of accounting through courses in financial and managerial accounting, commercial law, tax principles, finance, and more.
  • Learn to wield accounting principles and best practices to find solutions to problems facing business in our fast-paced, ever changing world.
  • Develop an attention to detail, and a keen eye for accuracy and precision.
  • Discover how to apply a knowledge of accounting and finance to help non-profits and Christian organizations thrive in environments of scarcity.
  • Earn credit towards your degree at King's and Chartered Professional Accountant designation at the same time!

Accounting Program Options

Available as a minor

  • 4-year Bachelor of Commerce

    Careers & Graduate Programs

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Budget Analysts
  • Chartered Account
  • Financial Management
  • Investment Banking
Admission Requirements Course List

Accounting Faculty