Course List

CMNA 201 - Introduction to Communication Arts

This course introduces contemporary functional models of human communication, and proposes a Christian alternative perspective in which we are called to bless and serve society through a wide diversity of communicative forms. Guest speakers apply this perspective to a broad array of communications disciplines, and students use the model to critique communication exchanges varying from intimate interpersonal communication to mass media products.

CMNA 350 - Introduction to Motion Picture Production

This course will examine the global film industry as both an art form and a business. Students will experience selected motion picture production activities in order to enhance their appreciation of the industry. This class will include lectures on film, viewing and discussion of film and practical experience in motion picture production. As a final project each student will produce their own short video.

CMNA 395 - Journalism: Producing and Consuming "The News" in the 21st Century

This is an applied writing course about news journalism in a variety of media, its function as business, art, and public service, and how the character of "The News" changes with new technology and social media. It examines what is included and excluded from "The News" and the impact of those choices on news consumers. Interviewing, journalistic ethics, liability, writing news stories and opinion pieces, and critical reflection on the role of "The News" in society will all be introduced. Media professionals in news-related careers will present. Students will contribute to the King's student newspaper.

CMNA 396 - Intro To Editing & Publishing

This applied writing course introduces students to the technical aspects of the production of college student publications, including type composition, proof-reading, layout, and desktop publishing. Students will study newspaper format, design, and style, and will be introduced to the task of editing. The lab for the course involves membership on the staff of a student publication and either writing for the publication or participating in the technical production of the publication.

CMNA 399 - Special Topics in Communication Arts

A course on a topic or figure of special interest to a member of the communication arts faculty and offered on a non-recurring basis.

CMNA 499 - Directed Studies in Communication Arts

An opportunity to do intensive study of a special topic or applied communications project of particular interest to the student. Students work closely with a Communication Arts, Drama, or Visual Art faculty member in tutorial meetings. For directed studies in communication, students must apply in advance to the cooperating faculty member, and propose a subject of study.