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Literati is a student society for all English majors and minors, professors and alumni here at King’s. Membership in the society is free and automatic for all English majors and minors. Literati events include a welcome lunch, end-of-term coffee houses, special guest speakers, among others. Membership also entitles you to a copy of the newly launched newsletter—Loosely Literari—that provides information about literary events at Kings and the wider community, offers alumni interviews, book reviews, and much more! Look for your copy on the third Tuesday of each month.

Loosely Literati
Loosely Literati is your one – stop – spot for English department news and bibliophile shenanigans. Here we are embarking on bringing you the latest news in research at Kings, what people are reading, literary events in the city and more! Look for it the third Tuesday of every month.


If you are interested in joining our team please send us an email at