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GEOG 201 - Physical Geography

An introduction to the earth's major planetary components, including geological, hydrological, global climate systems and land forms. The origins of these features and the processes that influence the characteristics of landforms, vegetation and soils are discussed. Participation in weekly field-based labs and in a two-day, overnight field trip, usually in the third week of September, are required.

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GEOG 300 - Humankind and the Biosphere

This course is a discussion of humankind's place in nature and of its responsibility for other organisms, the environment and resources.

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GEOG 310 - Landscapes and Human Settlements

The relationship between the natural environment and development of settled landscapes from a geographic perspective. Spatial distribution of biophysical landscapes and location analyses of agricultural, urban and industrial systems in Canada and elsewhere. Introduction to landscape interpretation using maps and aerial photographs.

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GEOG 321 - Community and Place

This course will examine the role of community in human social life in an age of globalization. Topics will include community development, diversity, social exclusion/inclusion, community resilience, and rural and urban communities. The course will also examine different types of communities including: radical Christian communities, cooperatives, intentional communities, and current initiatives in support of developing sustainable communities.

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GEOG 350 - Geographical Information Systems

An introduction to the principles and applications of GIS. Hands-on lab assignments focus on data input and manipulation, spatial problem solving, and map presentation using GIS software on micro-computers. Students complete a GIS-based project.

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GEOG 399 - Special Topics In Geography

A course on a topic or figure of special interest to a member of the geography faculty and offered on a non-recurring basis.

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GEOG 450 - Advanced Geographic Information Systems

This course provides an advanced investigation into the principles and applications of geographic information systems. Hands-on lab assignments focus on geo-databases, metadata, data input, relational databases, advanced map design, and advanced techniques using GIS software. Students mentor introductory students, complete a paper and complete an advanced project.

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GEOG 499 - Directed Studies in Geography

An opportunity to do in-depth geographical study on a topic of particular interest to the student. Students work closely with a member of the geography faculty. A student must apply in advance to the faculty member.

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    Our Geography grads get jobs as:

  • Cartographers
  • Conservation Officers
  • Mining and Natural Resource Managers
  • Recycling Officers
  • Surveyors

    Our Geography grads go on to study:

  • City Planning
  • Environment and Life Sciences
  • Geoscience
  • Regional and Urban Land-Use Planning