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History at King's

“The past is never dead.  It’s not even past.”

William Faulkner

King's students study the living past in a number of ways. All students take survey courses on the history of Western Civilization (History 202 and 204) as part of the foundation's core. Those who want to study the past in a particular detail can major in history; the department offers three-year and four-year Bachelor of Arts degrees. In addition, the History Department participates in an interdisciplinary four-year Bachelor of Arts program with the departments of Political Science and Economics. 

The History Department offers courses reflecting the strengths and research interests of the faculty, especially in the histories of Europe, England, North America, and Christianity. The department also offers courses in historical methods and in the philosophy of history.  Students who take the four-year major are encouraged, in consultation with faculty members, to formulate a year-long research project, resulting in a significant interpretative paper based on primary or archival sources.