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History at King's

“The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there.” L.P. Hartley

"All history is a negotiation between strangeness and familiarity." Simon Schama

Students are invited to study the living past in a number of ways. All students take the survey courses on Western and Word History (History 202 and 204) as part of the Foundations core. The program courses reflect the faculty's research and teaching interests: the History of Medicine, Environmental History, the World Wars and Global Christianity, as well as the histories of Europe, Britain, Canada, the USA, and Russia. The department also offers courses in historical methods and historiography where we ask deeper questions about why and how we study the past.

In the second and third years, students can specialize in particular geographical areas or can select certain themes. In the fourth year, students can undertake self-directed study on a topic of their choosing, or complete a research project under the supervision of a History faculty member. A few topics students studied were 'small-town American press and the Vietnam war,' 'presenting the past: video games, re-enactment and history,' and 'Dutch propaganda during WW@: a curated exhibition.'

Our teaching approach is that the classroom should be a place of interaction, informality, debate, and discussion. We encourage you to develop your own ideas and viewpoints, and to listen to others'.

History courses improve your skills as a historian through analysis, critical thinking and reasoning, sifting information, making judgments, research, and writing. The courses also help you develop and improve your employable qualities such as initiative, teamwork, and good communication. The professors teach through a combination of lecture, group work, and self-directed study, as well as online learning tools. There will be lots of reading outside classroom time. 

Those who wish to study the past in a more specialized manner have the option of majoring in history; the department offers three-year and four-year Bachelor of Arts degrees. The History Department participates in an interdisciplinary four-year Bachelor of Arts program with the departments of Political Science and Economics.