Dr. Caitlynd Myburgh

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

P: 825-901-3999

Caitlynd Myburgh grew up in South Africa and she is fluent in both English and Afrikaans. She completed an undergraduate degree in Physiology and Biochemistry at the North-West University, where she also pursued her postgraduate studies. She earned a BSc. Hons, MSc. and PhD. all specializing in cardiovascular physiology as part of the Hypertension in Africa Research Team.

Currently she is part of the kinesiology program at The King’s University where she hopes to share her love of human anatomy and physiology with her students. 

Her research interests focus heavily on the connection between oxidative stress and cardiovascular disease risk in vulnerable groups, be it ethnicities, genders, age groups or communities. She has a deep passion for hypertension and arterial stiffness research and plans to pursue this in Canada.

Caitlynd is also an avid member of the international May Measurement Month campaign that creates public hypertension awareness in the community each year. In future she would like to broaden her research to also include exercise related work as a connection to the kinesiology program at King’s.

Caitlynd is a lover of dogs, coffee and plants, and in her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband exploring the all the beautiful things that Edmonton has to offer.