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Teachable majors and minors

Graduates of the B.Ed Secondary program must have a teaching major (33 credits) and a teaching minor (18 credits) as part of their first degree. Students may enter the program with at least 27 credits of their teaching major and 9 credits of their teaching minor and complete up to 12 credits within the Education Program.

Acceptable Major and Minor teaching areas include

  • Biology/ Environmental Studies^  (Biology, Environmental Studies, Environmental Economics, Human Geography, GIS, Philosophy of the Environment, Theology of Creation)
  • Chemistry
  • CTS: Business^  (Accounting, Business, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing)
  • CTS: Computer
  • Drama
  • English Language Arts
  • General physical sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Geography)
  • General sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Geography, Mathematics, Computing Science)
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education (Physical education, Kinesiology, physical activity)
  • Social Studies** (Anthropology, Economics, History, Human Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Theology)

Additional Minor teaching areas include:

  • Art (Studio Art, Art History)
  • Physics*
  • Second Languages*  (French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese)

 ^For majors or minors with courses from more than one subject, at least three subjects must be presented with senior courses in at least two.

*Minors in Physics and Second Languages must be completed before admission.

**For a Social Studies teaching major, students pursuing an undergraduate degree at King's are encouraged to choose a degree major from: PHE, History, or Social Sciences Concentration