Music Education

Whether you are interested in elementary music, high school concert band, jazz band, choir or any other avenue of music education, the Music Education program at King's will prepare you for a career of sharing your love of music with others.

Music Education is an excellent program for students looking to enter King’s Bachelor of Education after-degree programs with practicum placements in music. Along with music education courses, students will develop new skills as musicians on their chosen instrument of study, cultivate aural skills and explore music history and aspects of music as they align with grade school curriculum requirements. Students may choose from two concentrations: elementary education with focuses on instruments and methodologies used in lower grades, and secondary education with topics on courses pertaining to conducting, band instrument technique and classroom management.

Course selection

In addition to the required general courses for the Music program, students specializing in the Music Education stream should take the following:

Program Streams

Program streams allow for specialization within a degree program and prepare students for future employment and professional studies.