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The Sociology program offers a general degree as well as Culture Analysis, and Community Engagement streams.

We believe in the importance of a strong liberal arts program, so we require all Sociology students to take significant classes in other subject areas. This means Sociology students have the flexibility to take courses in other disciplines that interest them. Our hope is that you graduate with a broader perspective on how Sociology connects with society.


Learn new ways to make a difference in the lives of others and to think abstractly about life and society in this general stream of Sociology. Many students choose the general stream of Sociology as it allows the greatest freedom in course selection.

Culture Analysis

In the Culture Analysis stream, students study the systematic codes used by societies. 

Community Engagement

This stream is for students who wish to work with communities to create sustainable futures. With the skills learned from these courses, students will be able to engage in, and provide respectful assistance to, hurting communities. 

    Careers & Graduate Programs

  • Child Welfare
  • Community Development
  • Correctional Services
  • Court Working
  • Criminology
  • Human Resources
  • Law Enforcement
  • Market Research Analysis
  • Public Policy
  • Public Relations
  • Senior Citizen Policy and Program Analysis
  • Social Work