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Micah Certificate in Justice and Development

A Micah Certificate in Justice and Development can be obtained in conjunction with any three or four-year degree at King's by focusing electives in related courses. The Micah Certificate offers education and experience towards preparing students for work in the area of justice and international development as well as other careers related to Christian ministry or justice issues.

Students who want to receive this certificate as well as a degree must satisfy the certificate requirements and complete at least nine additional credits beyond the degree requirements. The program consists of 18 credits.

Three credits: 
SSCI 302 or 303 (Internship in International Development) or another King’s internship course approved by the Director of The Micah Centre.

Three credits: Independent Studies
Three credits: Theo 374  – Micah’s Challenge

Note: Students transferring from other institutions must complete at least nine credits at The Kings University to be eligible for this certificate