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Films, podcasts, books, and graduate programs recommended by The Micah Centre for those seeking to learn more about the issues and hopeful views on how one can make a meaningful difference locally and around the world. Check them out!

Movies and Documentaries

Blessed are the storytellers!! Good films can introduce us to new issues, challenge our assumptions, cultivate empathy for others, and give us new eyes to see our world. Here is a list of films that we at The Micah Centre finds helpful.


Students involved at The Micah Centre ask big questions about the state of the world and their role in it as followers of God’s upside-down kingdom.  In our Micah Centre office, we have a bookshelf full of books to help students navigate those questions.  Here are a few of them.


If you’re looking for something to listen to on your next long drive, try one of these thoughtful podcasts that examine the people, places, and communities engaged in the struggle against poverty and injustice.  These podcasts have helped introduce The Micah Centre community to some pertinent issues. 

Graduate Programs

Many students involved in The Micah Centre consider further studies at the intersection of global poverty and development, social justice, and peacemaking after they graduate, to help bring faithful hearts, hands, and minds to bear on the most pressing issues of our time. Here are some graduate programs to consider in a variety of fields.