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Collaborative Integrated Project Delivery Approach to Drive Development of $20M Science Centre

Cutting-edge teaching labs will support King's dedication to excellence in Christian undergraduate education.
Cutting-edge teaching labs will support King's dedication to excellence in Christian undergraduate education.

The King’s University is thrilled to announce the selection of its first partners in building the Centre for Excellence in Sciences (CES). The Centre will advance scientific education and research and represents the largest capital investment in King's 44-year history. Made possible by an anonymous $20-million donation, CES will be home to new programs, cutting-edge teaching laboratories, common spaces, and the latest technology.

An Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model will be used for construction of CES, with an anticipated ground breaking early next winter. IPD brings key participants together early in the process and is known for being more iterative than traditional building models. The approach supports early decision-making, efficient problem-solving, and results-driven outcomes.

“Traditional building projects focus on money at every stage. There is so much haggling involved,” says Ralph Troschke, Vice President of Finance and Operations at King’s. “The IPD approach, with its upfront collaboration and shared accountability, aligns with King’s ethos a lot better.”

Additional engineers and contractors will join the team within the next few weeks. Together, these partners will work collaboratively to ensure a seamless and efficient construction process in order to maximize the impact of the new facility.

IPD consultant Ken Jaeger emphasizes the strengths of IPD in large building projects. “Parties using this approach are loving the different delivery method. With the collaborative culture, everyone can express their ideas, voices are heard, and the team can come up with better ways to do things. 

Andrea Ruether, from Group2 Architecture and Interior Design, envisions a bright and optimistic 21-century learning space, “Our team has come together with people who are willing to invest emotionally in the project and the community to carry it through to the end. It’s a great group of people, so far.” 

The Centre for Excellence in the Sciences will reflect King’s commitment to the student learning experience and excellence in undergraduate education. It is expected to open in time for fall enrollment in 2026.

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