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Committing to prayer in our campus community

Dec 04, 2023

As we enter the Christmas season, thoughts of the baby born in a manger often lead to greater emphasis on God and the hope we find in Jesus. For many, though, the hustle and bustle of the holidays is distracting. Prayer can help us focus. 

“It’s a fundamental part of faith. It’s one of the ways we commune with our Creator. When we gather as a community to pray for one another and believe in God’s ability to do the impossible, anything is possible,” says Cora-Lee Conway, Dean of Students.

This November, King’s launched 40 Days of Prayer, a special effort designed to encourage students and employees to recentre and reprioritize. Personal and public prayer is encouraged, and there are several on-campus opportunities to pray with others. 

Dr. Kristopher Ooms, VP Academic & Research,  believes praying as a community is a very important task. “There is something powerful about dedicating 30 minutes to sit and pray with people you don’t usually pray with. My hope is that a lasting legacy of praying together comes out of this time.”

Prayer prompts are available, but the general focus for 40 Days of Prayer is to pray for members of King’s community, our communities of Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada, and the world as a whole.

“We can only plan and control so much, but our Christian faith is the DNA of everything we do — and it’s rooted in that place of prayer,” says Amanda Duenk, Spiritual Growth Coordinator. “I hope this time will bring a renewed sense of unity and vision to the King’s community.”


On Dec 6, 2023, Gregory Simon Szarycz said

The 40 Days of Prayer initiative at King's resonates with a powerful message about the importance of balance and reflection in the academic journey. As an academic, I appreciate the recognition that our faith and spirituality play a fundamental role in our overall well-being. Engaging in communal prayer not only offers a moment of respite from the academic hustle but also provides a unique space for personal and collective growth. In the academic world, where demands can be overwhelming, intentional breaks for prayer become a valuable tool for mental and emotional rejuvenation. This initiative underscores the idea that success in academia isn't just about individual achievements but is deeply intertwined with the strength of the academic community. The shared experience of prayer fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support, reminding us that we're not alone in our academic journey. From a personal perspective, the 40 Days of Prayer initiative serves as a timely reminder to acknowledge the delicate dance between work commitments and family life. It encourages a holistic approach, recognizing that nurturing our spiritual and emotional well-being is not only compatible with, but essential. to achieving success in our academic endeavours. It's a welcome initiative that promotes a healthy and balanced perspective on the academic path. Well done King's!

On Dec 17, 2023, Tina Solo said

This initiative will bring more souls to the kingdom of heaven. May His will be done in Jesus’ name.

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