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King’s Launches Bachelor of Science in Psychology Program for Fall 2024

The King’s University has exciting news for students passionate about psychology and the natural sciences. Starting this fall, King’s psychology offerings will expand into the human health sciences with the launch of a new Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  

The current Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology emphasizes a social sciences perspective. The BSc program will attract students who are more interested in the physiological aspects of human brain and behaviour.

Dr. Heather Looy, Professor of Psychology at King’s, says the new undergraduate program will add more depth to the biological side of the field of psychology. “The program will include advanced biology-based courses such as human anatomy, human physiology, neuroscience, and psychopharmacology. These courses provide psychology students with a greater understanding of human health and prepare them for more clinical and research-oriented careers.” 

Dr. Kris Ooms, VP of Academics and Research, looks forward to the convergence of two established areas of study on campus. “We already have very strong psychology and biology departments. Students will graduate from this program with an understanding of big picture ideas at the intersections between diverse disciplines.” 

Those bound for graduate studies will be able to partner with faculty and community organizations to participate in sustained research projects. Students will also have the option to enhance their studies with work-integrated learning experiences.

“Students will have opportunities to hone their research skills and develop the scientific literacy necessary for evidence-based practice,” says Looy. “In their senior years, students will participate in professional development and vocational reflection that will help them prepare for employment and career advancement.” 

King’s will hire a new faculty member to facilitate the upper-level courses and a new staff member to coordinate labs and work integrated learning programs. The BSc in Psychology has received government approval and is currently accepting new students. 

“It really brings the way we study the brain and body together with how we live and relate to God and others in a social context,” Dr. Looy notes. “It will allow students to explore those ideas more richly and deeply.”

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