Facility Rentals

Many facilities and spaces at King's are available for reservation. Contact us to book any of the facilities listed below or any other space on campus.

Rent the Conference Room N101 at King's which accommodates up to 50 people and includes built-in multimedia equipment.

Conference Room N101

With built-in multimedia equipment and comfortable leather chairs, this room is ideal for meetings, workshops, and presentations. This room can be setup in a variety of ways, including boardroom and classroom setups.

Accommodates 40-50 people

Rent the Board Room N201 at King's, which accommodates up to 20 people.

Board Room N201

Our Board Room is ideal for smaller gatherings and meetings.

Accommodates up to 20 people

Rent a variety of classrooms at King's, which accommodate up to 50 people.

Meeting Rooms

A variety of classrooms are available that range in size and layout. Tiered and movable seating is available. Some rooms include built-in audiovisual equipment.

Large classrooms accommodate 30-50 people
Small classrooms accommodate up to 22 people

Rent the lecture theatre at King's, which includes an overhead LCD projector, sloped seating and accommodates up to 125 people.

Lecture Theatres

Overhead LCD projectors and sloped seating make these rooms ideal for audiovisual presentations lectures and theatre presentations.

Accommodates up to 125 people

Rent the atrium at King's, a unique spaces that accommodates up to 200 people.


This area is excellent for conferences, lectures, and banquets. The tiered seating gives everyone a perfect view. Ceiling skylights provide natural light. The balcony can be utilized for additional seating.

Accommodates up to 200 people for meetings
Accommodates up to 150 people for banquets

Rent Nicholas B. Knoppers Hall at King's, perfect for recitals, concerts, drama productions and banquets.

Nicholas B. Knoppers Hall

The Nicholas B. Knoppers Hall, with its superb acoustics and spotlighting, is in high demand for recitals, concerts, drama productions, sound recordings, and banquets.

Accommodates 100 to 150 people for meetings
Accommodates up to 90 people for banquets

Rent the Gymnasium at King's, equipped with spectator bleachers and a sprung floor. Perfect for indoor sporting events, banquets, or conferences.


This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with spectator bleachers and a sprung floor. It can be used for indoor sporting events or larger conferences.

Accommodates up to 500 people for conferences
Accommodates up to 250 people for banquets

Rent the Level Coffee House, this multi-purpose room has beautiful hardwood floors, leather furniture, and a stage.

Level Coffee House

One of the newer additions to our campus boasts hardwood floors, leather furniture, and a stage. This multi-purpose room is gorgeous and comfortable!

Accommodates 90-150 people