Leadership Teams

President's Council

President's Council provides leadership to the university under the overall guidance of the president. President's Council works to:

  • Ensure that the university successfully meets its Board-approved mission and strategic direction;
  • Provide input, council, and leadership for institution-level policy decisions;
  • Integrate and model the university’s values throughout the institution;
  • Enable and empower successful leadership at all levels of the university through timely and coordinated communication.

Membership for 2022-23

  • President, Chair - Melanie Humphreys
  • Vice President Academic & Research - Kris Ooms    
  • Vice President Finance & Operations - Ralph Troschke
  • Vice President Institutional Advancement - Shannon Tuininga
  • Associate Vice President Academic Services & Registrar - Allen Verbeek
  • Associate Vice President Institutional Research - Glenn Keeler
  • Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services - Becky McCaffrey
  • Dean of Students - Megan Viens
  • Dean’s Council – John Mueller
  • Faculty Representatives – Peter Mahaffy, Elden Wiebe
  • Staff Representative - Teddi Taylor
  • Students Association President - Wanekia Cook
  • Executive Assistant to Vice President Finance & Operations - Paula Mitchell (recorder)

Executive Leadership Team

Consisting of the president and vice presidents for academic and research, finance and operations, and advancement, the Executive Leadership Team provides leadership to the university under the overall guidance of the President. The Executive Leadership Team:

  • Works with the Board of Governors and Board subcommittees to advance King’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Works collaboratively with other senior administrators to proactively solve cross-divisional issues.
  • Provides continuity in decision-making on significant administrative issues.
  • Solves problems that do not require participation of the Senior Strategic Team.
  • Accounts for the institution’s financial and legal integrity.
  • Enables and empowers successful leadership at all levels throughout the university.