Faculty Faith Commitment

The Project

The work of the faculty at The King’s University is animated by Christian faith. This work contributes to the purposes of renewal and reconciliation, and builds a humane, just, and sustainable world as expressed in the Mission and Vision statements.

The faculty of The King’s University is a proud community of Christian scholars. They share a core commitment to the risen Christ, through whom God is reconciling the world. Our community is ecumenical: faculty present a wide variety of expressions of this commitment from varying Christian traditions. The faculty hold that such a community is of great value as a witness to the world of Christian faith seeking wisdom; as a project to educate and invite students into the work of renewal and reconciliation which flows from God’s purposes in creation; as a service to the Church to deepen its understanding and equip it to live faithfully in the world today; and as faithfulness to Christian communities that founded and continues to support King's.

While the faculty are unified by Christian commitment, they welcome students of diverse religious traditions and those who claim none. They serve all students by presenting the deep connections found between their fundamental Christian commitment and their scholarship and teaching; by arguing and demonstrating that all spheres of human activity participate in God’s active love for the world; and by supporting students’ interrogations of how their own fundamental commitment is embodied in their theories and practices of life.

The People

The faculty of The King’s University embody their faith commitment in all facets of their work as faculty. Specifically, through their work the tenure-track faculty are expected to:

  • Be committed disciples of Jesus Christ who assent to the Statement of Faith; 
  • Further the Mission and Vision of The King’s University;
  • Discern the enacting of God’s plan for reconciliation and renewal in their scholarship and demonstrate this discernment to students; 
  • Teach and mentor students in a manner consistent with their spiritual dignity as image bearers of God; 
  • Guide learners to see and investigate their own fundamental faith commitment and the connection of this commitment to their study and their lives; 
  • Further the flourishing of other faculty and non-academic staff in their various roles, treating all as valued members of the Body of Christ; 
  • Serve the Church and the public as Christian scholars;
  • Embrace the ecumenical diversity of The King’s University and contribute to its rich discussion drawn from many Christian traditions. 

The Process

For people of faith, the process of realizing, developing and embodying faith commitment is a journey.  This is often a circuitous process. This reality leads to four expectations:

  • As faculty grow in their faith, it is expected that this growth is not simple and linear but often complicated and meandering. It can involve doubt, reservations, and setbacks.
  • Though the process can be non-linear, faculty are expected to work in ways that further the Mission and Vision of The King's University.
  • Likewise, faculty are expected to remain engaged in the journey of developing and deepening their Christian faith.
  • Finally, the institution is expected to directly and concretely support faculty on this journey. Among other supports, the institution will provide guidance by mentorship, exemplars, as well as regular assessment and feedback specific to the faith expectations described in this statement.