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3 Back to School Mistakes to Avoid

Sep 07, 2018

We’ve done it! Week one of classes is basically behind us now! Since we’re getting into the swing of being back to school, I’m going to share some major back to school mistakes you should avoid if you want to stay on your A-game.

  1. Don’t wait to get organized – Start logging due-dates now.
    The secret to success is organization! Make sure you know when all your deadlines fall so you can plan accordingly. This includes taking into account how long you’ll need to complete a task. I have definitely made the mistake of saving a required reading for the night before, assuming it would be short, only to discover that I had to plough through 80 pages for one class. So, as soon as you get your syllabus, but the important dates into your day-planner. And if you don’t have a day-planner, get one! The Student’s Association usually has some for free by their office.

  2. Don’t take it too easy in the first couple of weeks – Get started right away.
    I get it. We’re coming out of summer and we’re not ready to dive into big readings or assignments just yet. But trust me on this: every year that I don’t start working on things right away, I regret it later when I feel like I’m in over my head. Start working on your first assignment now, even if it isn’t due until the end of September. You don’t have to finish the whole thing now, though that would definitely be a load off your back later, but at least start getting your research and paper outline together.

  3. Don’t just put a lock on the locker you want - Register your locker before you put a lock on it.
    Don’t be the reason someone has to write a sticky-note message because they can’t access their locker. Register for a locker through your Online Student Services and then put a lock on it, and do it quick! Before all the good ones are taken! Locker ownership goes to whoever has it officially registered, not whoever got a lock on it first.

In short, the secret to success is to start early!

Happy organizing!


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