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Keeping a Positive Mindset: Preparing Yourself for the First Day

Aug 31, 2018

Hello friends!

In the midst of all the packing, supply shopping and saying goodbyes, one of the most important parts of the transition to the university life is making sure you are prepared mentally and spiritually. This blog is a reminder to you that you have made it all this way and you should be proud of yourself. Below are just a few positive reminders, like things that will help you keep a positive mindset and why university is a good thing, as well as some tips to help you through!

✔ University loans are an option, so the cost should not put you off from pursuing your dream.

✔ Opportunities exist left right and center and you never know what you’re going to walk in to each day.

✔ Your next best friend can be the person sitting next to you in your classroom!

✔ You’ll find something that interests you and you’ll find a place where you fit in.

✔ The first day is always the hardest but it gets better and you get the hang of it.

✔ There is always a support system around (A.K.A the Student Life office at King’s!)

✔ Chances are, there is someone who is feeling as anxious as you on the first day. You’re never alone.

✔ Sports!



  • Take a tour of your campus beforehand or have a map ready for the day of so you can find your classes. (You can get both of these from the Admissions office!)
  • Take a picture of your schedule and put it as your lock screen wallpaper for quick access.
  • Organize everything you need to bring a day or two in advance. If you can visit your university a day early, set up your locker and everything else so you can just come with your daily essentials the day of.
  • Have a good breakfast the morning of. It keeps you awake and ready for the day!
  • If you see someone just as shy as you, or maybe even if you aren’t as shy but you see someone who is, approach them and ask them how their first day is going. Both of you are new so might as well make a friend while you’re at it!
  • Attend your first day of classes to see if the textbooks listed for the class are really needed or if there are alternatives that your professor says you can use.
  • Inquire about the clubs and job opportunities early so you can get a good opportunity going for you right off the bat.
  • Step outside your comfort zone. This is a new school with brand new faces. Try something new!

Some of these might be incredibly overwhelming and if it is, go back to step one. Think of the journey that brought you here and how proud you should be that you made it. Good luck and have fun!

Yours Truly,


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