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4 Ways to Celebrate Canada Day at a Distance

Jun 30, 2020

A few blogs ago we talked about how to re: connect with your loved ones, but how can we connect as a community? This Canada Day may look a little different than previous years, but we are still very fortunate to live in Canada and have a day worth celebrating.

For this holiday, we can still celebrate as a community at a distance. Here are some ways we can do this:

Car Parades
Canada Day Parades have always been around to spread happiness and cheer. We can create our very own car parade by going around to neighborhoods or driving around our cities to honk and wave our Canadian flags around. This is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Every Canada Day we have fireworks going off in the distance. The great part about this tradition is that it’s distant and we don’t need to be anywhere near it! We can gather in our backyards as a family and watch the fireworks. These usually have a set time so at least we know that we are all watching together – just in the comfort of our own homes.

Backyard picnics
Speaking of backyards, this day is usually full of sunshine or at least for a good period of the day so we can host our own backyard Canada Day picnic! This may not be with the community but knowing that we have neighbors that might be doing the same can be great company too.

Neighborhood Shouts
I know we may not be able to gather as a whole city but we can still have a distant good time with our neighbours. I know in many parts of the city we have neighbourhoods that are super creative and come up with ways to celebrate each other. For example, honking and traveling to neighbours’ houses to greet them a happy birthday. Much like this, you and your neighbours can come up with a time where you can make a whole bunch of noise, cheering, clapping and yelling to celebrate.

This Canada Day is definitely not like the past years and these suggestions are absolutely something different but that’s exactly it! Different can be good and different can be happy. Let’s make the most out of our Canada Day and don’t let the distance stop us from having a good time.

A happy, healthy and safe Canada Day from my family to yours.

Yours truly,

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