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5 Must-Watch Movies and TV Shows for July

Jul 24, 2020

Out goes June, in comes July! The months are moving at a speedy pace but for the days that seem to go by a little slower, we have movies and TV shows to keep us from boring ourselves out.

Speaking of movies, here is your monthly suggestion list of movies and shows to take a look at:

This 2018 film starring Jeremy Renner (aka Hawk Eye from Avengers) is about five friends who have been playing a game of tag for 30 years. Yes, you heard me correctly, 30 years! What is going to stop them from playing? Only one thing… that you’ll have to wait and see as you watch this movie!

The Good Place
Do we have any Kristen Bell fans? I know I am! This 2016 TV show follows Eleanor Shellstrop, who mistakenly ends up in a kind of heaven, where she tries to become a better person than she was in life. There are three seasons lined up for you to watch!

Something a little bit different from the other Netflix shows, Vikings is a 2013 gritty drama about challenges, leadership and, well, Vikings! Again there are three seasons for you to enjoy. Are you ready for some action?

The 100
I’d say you are in for a real treat for this one. Following the drama and adventure of the last Netflix show, The 100 goes undefeated. This is a 2014 show running for about 7 seasons! The 100 refers to the 100 residents of a space station who determine whether the Earth that was devastated by a nuclear apocalypse is still livable. I’ll be here all week, making my way through all 7 seasons.

Hopping onto the apocalypse vibes, we have the good old Kingdom. Mysterious plague? Check. Deceased king rises into something that is human but not really? Check. The new prince of the Kingdom must face this “new breed” of enemies in order to save his people. What exactly is this “new breed”?

The suggestions for July are a mix of comedy, drama, and apocalyptic vibes. A good mix if I do say so myself. Now may these suggestions keep your weeks speedy and your weekends less boring!

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