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How to Assemble the Ultimate Charcuterie Board

Jul 21, 2020

Happy National Wine & Cheese day! Whether you are enjoying this day alone or distantly with loved ones or friends, it is always a good idea to make a charcuterie board. But not just any charcuterie board, the ultimate charcuterie board.

Apart from the tips and tricks provided to you in this blog, the more creative you can get, the better! Everything and anything in this blog can be changed or substituted to fit your needs. Here’s what you’ll need:

For whatever meat, cheese, or fruit you decide to add to your board, make sure it is fresh! This may be a given but having some freshness within your board creates a nice balance to the rest of the food or drinks that you will have. Cherry tomatoes, grapes, fresh figs, and fresh basil are all great fresh additions.

Other than Meat
Need a vegetarian spin, or just looking for more variety? There are lots of other items to try with cheese. Add roasted pepper, grilled eggplant, roasted artichokes, and different kinds of olives.

You Gouda Be Kidding Me!
If you are going to add cheese to your board, remember there are different kinds! If you’re having a small gathering, you can mix it up by providing 3-4 different kinds of cheese. Think about having one that is creamy, one that is sharper, one that is drier, and one that is saltier. This will be sure to spike up some taste buds! If we’re getting real fancy, here are some recommendations: bellavitano, swiss, truffle pecorino, and goat cheese!

Board Translations
Traditionally charcuterie boards consist of meat, crackers, and cheese. But like I said earlier, the more creative you get, the better. Think of translating traditional boards by making ones that are all fruit, all sweets (my kind of board!), all savory, or having a little bit of everything!

Whether you are making a charcuterie board that has something traditional, original, or something completely new and unique, any board will be a good one to celebrate. For more tips on how to make the ultimate charcuterie board, visit this blog here!

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