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5 Tips for Getting Back into School Mode After the Holidays

Jan 04, 2019

Now that it’s the New Year and the bliss of the Christmas season is coming to an end, you may find yourself stressing out about how you will get back into the routine of school after three weeks of break. Well fear not, because I have put together a list of useful tips that will be sure to help you get back into your routine.

  • Tip #1 Get Organized:
    If you haven’t already, invest in a calendar and daily planner. Having one is great but to have both will ensure that you can organize yourself most efficiently and effectively.

  • Tip #2 Write out All Your Deadlines:
    As soon as you get all of your course syllabi be sure to write out all your deadlines in your calendar and daily planner. Creating good habits in keeping track of your deadlines right away will ensure that you don’t forget any important assignments or exams.

  • Tip #3 Stay on Top of your Readings:
    You may have finished last semester without reading a single page from each of your $200+  textbooks, but coming to class knowing you’ve read your daily readings will help you feel confident and more prepared than ever.

  • Tip #4 Start your Big Assignments Early:
    Getting a head start on things will first, help you to prevent procrastination, but will also make you feel like you’re back into school right away rather than staying in that lag period where it feels like you have nothing to do.

  • Tip #5 Set Goals for Yourself:
    Whether it be the grade that you want to achieve or the amount of time you want to take to finish an assignment, setting goals for yourself will help you feel motivated to reach them and get things done early.

You may be dreading coming back to school after your long break, but be sure to follow these quick tips and tricks to help settle back into the new school year and hopefully it will be a smooth transition.


                                                                                                                        Happy New Year,


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