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6 Trendy Tiktok Hobbies to Try

Jul 10, 2020

Hey trendsetters! One thing I have been noticing a lot these last couple of months are some trends that I think would be fun to try, whether you’re spending your summer months inside the house or enjoying the sun.

Here are the six main trends that I’ve been seeing around TikTok, which has helped cure my boredom from time to time:

Trend #1: DIY Paint by Number
Finding the perfect new piece of artwork or paint by number kit isn’t always easy, so why not create your very own? There are various tutorials that are super easy to follow whether you search them up on TikTok or Youtube.

Trend #2: DIY Masks
While we are still in the middle of a pandemic, it’s really easy to get creative and crafty with our masks. There are lots of quick tutorials and TikTok videos of how to use the things you already have, such as bandanas and t-shirts, to turn into a reusable mask that you can wash after every use! Try watching some of these tutorials!

Trend #3: Tie-Dye
A really big trend going on is tie-dyeing everything you can find. From sweatpants to old t-shirts, and even socks, this is a fun way to spice up an outfit or jazz up an old t-shirt that you don’t use anymore. Tie-dye is trending all over social media, so search up a tutorial and there will be a bunch of options for you in seconds!

Trend #4: Learning to Play an Instrument
If you’re itching to try something new or just wondering what to do next, picking up a new instrument and learning how to play it is a really good hobby to pass time. I recently purchased a ukulele online and it was delivered in no time! If you’re looking to learn an instrument for free online, here are a couple of websites that you can play around with.

Trend #5: Embroidery
This is one really cool trend that I’ve been wanting to try for so long! Not only does embroidery leave you with a really awesome piece to display or wear, it is also a calming way to pass time. There are many embroidery kits that you can purchase online or on any Michael’s website.

Trend #6: Supporting Small Businesses
Lastly, the internet is full of support for small businesses! I know we can’t always go out to shop but small businesses often provide free local delivery or shipping options. I recently wrote a blog about some small businesses to take a look at and there are even more if you google search them!

Don’t let staying inside or at home stop you from trying out these fun trends. I can’t wait to see what new and upcoming trends there are to try as the months go by. Until then, I’ll be trying some of these myself! 

Yours truly,

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