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How to Prepare a Staycation Festival

Jul 14, 2020

This probably isn’t exactly how you expected your summer to be this year, but the important thing is taking the time to make the most of it! You can enjoy the comfort of your own home to the fullest by transforming your space whether that is your bedroom, living room, or even backyard, into a summer staycation festival.

What in the world is a staycation festival you say? Well it’s like staycation, but a way to stay home and enjoy festivals this summer! Many of our favorite concerts and festivals may have been cancelled for this summer but there are many ways to recreate that festival excitement:

  1. Dress it up!
    Not only does this mean put on a festival outfit as if you’re really going to go out but this means dress up the room you’re going to make into a festival! Maybe hang up some tapestries, streamers, twinkle lights, greenery, disco lights… whatever a festivals means and looks like to you! Go wild! The best part of this is your imagination.
  1. Activity Station
    We know that festivals are for having fun, spending time with other people and taking part in fun activities. Whether you’re doing this staycation festival with your family or a small group of people distantly, you can set up fun festival stations to keep busy. Add an area for blowing bubbles, hoola-hoop or limbo competitions, beading, coloring, eating food, making drinks, etc.!
  1. Festival Foodie
    A few blogs back I made a post dedicated to carnival food. If you’re wanting your festival to have some carny food, I suggest taking a look at that blog! If you’re looking to get a little fancier but with super easy recipes, I suggest having a look at the 10 Best Food Festival Recipes.
  1. Music
    What would a festival be if there wasn’t any music? Pull up some Spotify playlists, grab a speaker or two and blast some music to get your staycation festival in the right mood. The great thing about having your own festival at home is that you can show off your silliest dance moves without shame. Bust out your best!
  1. Festival Livestream
    Obviously festivals include performances that you not only listen to but that you can see and watch! Thankfully, Billboard has given us something we can set our eyes on. They’ve included a website that is packed full of livestreams and virtual concerts that you can watch right from your very own staycation festival.

Now that the setup is pretty much complete, all that’s left to do is come up with a name for your festival and voila! Life is way too short not to have genuine fun with this and it is the perfect season to do it. Now if you will excuse me, I am in the process of rolling out a staycation festival myself!

Yours Festively,

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