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6 Ways to Celebrate Easter

Apr 19, 2019

Easter is here! But, what is it? Should I celebrate it?

Yes! This Holiday is for everyone! For many Christians, the first thing that comes into mind is the resurrection of Christ from the tomb and thus, the fulfilment of the prophecy by the Son of God who lovingly died for us. For others, it is a day of celebration with color, eggs, bunnies, and traditions. So here are a couple of ways you can get together with your close ones and celebrate Easter!

Let’s get started!

  • Make an Easter Resolution - Immerse yourself in the meaning of Easter and practice a habit that reflects life and love. This can be as simple as making sure to call your grandparents twice a week or to help somebody in your community.

  • Attend an Easter Sunday service at a church - Celebrate the new life in Christ through worship, singing festive songs, lighting candles, and listening to church bells.

  • Decorate Easter eggs - Do you know the significance of Easter eggs?  Alongside Easter bunnies, they are symbols of fertility. For Christians, they represent the emergence of Jesus Christ from the tomb, his resurrection, and life itself. So friends, it’s time to get your paint out and color hard boiled eggs.

  • Initiate an Easter egg hunt and give Easter Buckets - The fun with eggs is not over yet! Hide eggs in different spots and get your friends to search for them.  You can also give your loved ones Easter Buckets filled with candy and chocolate bunnies. One fun thing to do if you are a Christian is to tuck short Bible verses into plastic eggs. If you are not Christian, you can use inspirational quotes or compliments instead!

  • Plan an outing with friends - Edmonton has a lot of fun events happening during this season. Keep your eyes and ears open, and go on a ride with your friends to enjoy the environment during this spring weather before the exam weeks hit you! There is even a cool, fun event happening at the Muttart!  

  • The food - Don’t miss out on hot buns with sugary tops and simmering cakes after a traditional Easter dinner. Check out some easy recipes here.

So dear friends, Christian or not, reach out to the hearts around you by immersing yourself in this festive season!

Happy Easter!

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