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7 Vegan Christmas Baking Recipes

Dec 19, 2019

Exams are over and Christmas is less than a week away!! One of my favorite things about the holidays is the delicious baked goods that come along with it. I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I’ve been vegan for quite a while now, but this will be my first Christmas being vegan! So this year, I’m in search of some good vegan recipes for my Christmas baking! Here are some recipes I found:

  1. Snickerdoodles. One of THE BEST holiday treats! If you love cinnamon and sugar you will love these cookies! They are also super easy to make, and require minimal ingredients.
  2. Christmas Crack. Another one of my favorites, and it’s also really easy to make! All you need is saltine crackers, brown sugar, butter, salt, vanilla, and chocolate. The recipe I attached is not vegan, but it’s really easy to sub in vegan butter and dairy free chocolate!
  3. “Turtle” Oatmeal Cookies. These cookies are loaded with oatmeal, dates, pecans, and chocolate chips! They have a longer ingredient list compared to the other recipes mentioned, but I think it would pay off. I have never tried these before, but I love dates and oatmeal so I’m sure they would be delicious!
  4. Peppermint Patties. Even better than the store-bought versions, try making your own from scratch! The ingredients list is minimal for this recipe, but you do have to wait an hour for these to chill in the fridge (or speed it up in the freezer?).
  5. Sugar Cookies. What’s Christmas baking without sugar cookies?! All you need is one bowl, and you’ll have these sugar cookies prepared in less than an hour!
  6. Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes. Peppermint and chocolate are the perfect holiday combo. Top these cupcakes with a green mint leaf and some crushed candy canes and serve them at your next holiday gathering!
  7. Ginger Molasses Cookies. These cookies are the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, and only take 22 minutes to make! They are highly addictive and will satisfy your cookie craving for sure.

There are so many amazing vegan recipes out there, the list is endless! Hopefully at least one of these recipes interests you! Is your favorite recipe not on the list? Don’t worry, it is really easy to substitute vegan ingredients into any baking recipe! There are so many milk and butter alternatives that are dairy free, and flax seeds with water is an easy egg substitution. I hope you give some of these a try this Christmas, or try making your favorite holiday recipe vegan!

Happy Baking!

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