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Fun in the Snow

Nov 07, 2016

Hey King's!

Now that the snow has stopped falling and it's safe to go outside again, here are some fun ideas on how to enjoy this new blanket of snow!

1. Go tobogganing. Find some good hills and let your inner child out. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sled, I hear that cardboard is an excellent substitute.

2. Build a snow fort. This is the outdoor equivalent of building a blanket fort. And, if you’re feeling like a challenge and want to show off how Canadian you are, you could even try an igloo.

3. Have a snowball fight. What better way is there to get your physical activity in than a snowball fight? It’s fun and something that you can do with all your friends.

4. Save some snowballs. Nothing's more fun than having a snowball fight in July.

5. Make a snowman. You could even make him an entire snow family (if you have enough carrots).

6. Make snow angels. Yes it’s something that kids do, but it is truly relaxing and a great way to distract yourself from piles of homework that are sitting inside.

7. Go snow shoeing. There are lots of parks in Edmonton that are show-shoe friendly; try heading out to one of those locations and try something new.

8. Make a backyard ice rink. To be entirely truthful, I have no idea how to do this or if it would even work. But I think it sounds like a pretty cool idea so if you try it, let me know how it turns out!

9. Make a snow snack. Make maple syrup candy, snow cones or slushies from the freshly fallen powder. 

Who knew that snow could be so enjoyable?!




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