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Alberta's Best Beaches and Lakes

Jul 26, 2019
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

We’ve still got a couple months of summer left! Are you hoping to squeeze some lake time in before school starts up again? Don’t worry – you’ve got lots of time and tons of great lake options near Edmonton or in Alberta to choose from!

  • Wabamun Lake
    This is a popular Albertan choice for weekend camping getaways or day trips, with tons of lake/water and trail activity options! Plus, it’s only about an hour’s drive from Edmonton.
  • Gull Lake
    Another perfect option for either a day trip or a longer camping trip is Gull lake! Aspen Beach Provincial Park sets you up on the south shores with lots of activity and campground options. This one is about an hour and a half’s drive south of Edmonton.
  • Buffalo Lake
    A friend of mine has a family cabin out on Buffalo Lake, so a group of us spent a weekend there this summer. It was a blast! Albertan beaches have a bad reputation, but this one was clean and cool. If you don’t have a cabin hook-up, you can camp here! It takes about two hours of driving to get here from Edmonton.
  • Jasper National Park
    Jasper National Park is a close mountain option if you’re living in Edmonton over the summer! There are tons of beaches and lakes to choose from here, whether you’re hoping to kayak, swim, camp, or hike. Jasper is the perfect weekend getaway as it’s only about 3 hours from Edmonton!
  • Lakes Louise and Moraine
    We can’t talk about gorgeous Albertan lakes without dipping into Banff National Park! Most of the lakes here are glacier-fed and way too cold for swimming, but they’re breathtaking and worth the trip just for walking, hiking, biking, and photo opportunities. Whether you want to camp or stay in a hotel, this is definitely a weekend-long trip, as it can take 4-5 hours of driving from Edmonton to get here.

Pick a weekend, grab some friends, and have a little lake adventure! Whether you’re leaving early in the morning and coming home late at night, or packing up all your gear to stay overnight, make sure your summer includes a lake getaway.

Happy camping!

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