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The Best Local Places to Get Iced Coffee

Jul 29, 2019

Hi everyone! For today’s blog we’re going to talk about coffee…again! Iced coffee is the perfect drink for a hot day, and although we haven’t had many of those, keep these suggestions in the back of your mind for when we do get a nice hot summer day! I love supporting local places that follow sustainable practices and sell fair trade coffee, and there are so many great coffee shops that do that in Edmonton, so here are five local places to get your coffee this summer:

  1. Anvil Coffee House (6148-90 Ave)
    Anvil is a small coffee shop located in the Ottewell neighborhood, which is so close to King’s! Not only can you get your iced coffee here, but they have a great small menu too! One of my favorite things about anvil is that they are always working to be more environmentally friendly. Their newest initiative to reduce waste is a “Take a cup leave a cup” bucket. If you don’t have a reusable mug on you, they have mugs/jars that you can use! You can also donate your old travel mugs/jars to them for this purpose. I LOVE this idea!
  2. Little Brick (10004 90th Street)
    Little Brick is a cute café located in Edmonton’s Riverdale community. The café was built into a 1903 brick home, which makes the experience at this café all the more interesting. Grab an iced coffee from here, sit on the picnic benches outside and enjoy the sunshine (hopefully)! They also have a decent sized menu, with locally sourced homemade food.
  3. Mandolin Books and Coffee Company (6419 - 112 Ave)
    Mandolin Books and Coffee Company not only offers great coffee, but they also double as a used bookstore! Their coffee comes from a local small batch roasting company that is environmentally and socially responsible in their practices, which is all the more reason to support this café with your next coffee purchase.
  4. The Carrot (9351 – 118 Avenue)
    The carrot is a volunteer powered café and art gallery! They serve coffee made from direct trade beans, and also serve a variety of locally baked goods. The Carrot showcases locally made artwork, sells crafts and gifts from local artists and artisans, as well as offers weekly performances by local and national musicians! Next time you’re in need of a coffee, skip the Starbucks and try out this local gem instead.
  5. Transcend (8708 - 109 Street; 9570 76 Ave NW)
    Transcend is all about making quality coffee. They do this by making sure their coffee is direct trade and ethically sourced! They roast the beans here in Edmonton, which makes their coffee even more amazing. They have a couple locations in Edmonton, so check one of them out on your next coffee run!

We all love our coffee, but it’s just that much better when you support a local business that not only works hard to make sure their coffee is fair trade, but also takes the extra step to reduce their carbon footprint. Supporting local is one of the ways we can work to address our climate crisis, so start small, and purchase your next coffee from one of these awesome cafes!

Enjoy your coffee!

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