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Backyard Shenanigans: 8 Ways to Enjoy your Backyard this Summer

Jul 31, 2020

I hope you’ve been soaking up the sun while you can this summer. So far the weather has been so hot and full of sunshine that it’s worth investing some time in our backyards. Now, usually when someone says shenanigans, it often means silly things you do. But for this blog, we have only included amazing ideas that will make your summer even better.

The following is a list of ideas that you can do to make the most out of your backyard and the sunshine this summer. Let’s get creative!

  1. Yard Camping – what is this you say? Well it’s only the famous idea of home camping! Especially throughout the pandemic, we can’t always have access to camp grounds so why not camp in your backyard? It may not be the wilderness but you are outside nonetheless!
  2. Star Gazing –summer nights are the most peaceful because the weather is still just as nice, and while the sun is not beaming down at you, the stars are! Take this time to connect the constellations or simply look for a shooting star.
  3. Picnic – this is not just meant to be any picnic, it is the ultimate picnic! Host a picnic with a table and comfy pillows on the ground for a more calming and comfortable vibe. Don’t be afraid to go all out because picnics are so much fun!
  4. Garden It Up – for all my gardening friends, this is your time to make your garden look the best it could possibly be. I don’t just mean the plants and vegetables but the aesthetic look of your garden! Maybe you want to add more little fences, troughs, or areas where plants can grow. Get creative!
  5. Little Worlds – summer is the time where most critters are out and about trying to make the most of the weather. Why not help them by providing them with food that isn’t too far away or too hard to get? Spend some time making your backyard more welcoming with bird feeders, butterfly feeders, and more. Let’s help our ecosystems thrive this summer!
  6. Game Day – host a game day with family and friends! Everything from making your entire backyard into twister by getting safe spray-able grass paint as the dots to getting yourself the game of giant Jenga. A little friendly competition is always good this summer.
  7. Obstacle Course Galore – I live for obstacle courses and when you have a backyard, it’s so fun to come up with all kinds of ways to make a race. Maybe make your own golf course? Or even a rope course? See who can get through these the fastest!
  8. Movie Night –There are so many projectors that you can get online that can play a movie on your backyard fence, a cloth, a blanket, etc. A little movie night in the backyard is a perfect way to recreate an outdoor drive in theatre.

I hope you enjoy recreating these ideas in your backyard. This will help pass time and create good memories. After all, time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Happy Summer!

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