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Jun 16, 2017
Mundares Giant Sausage photo: Rhonda Jessen
Mundares Giant Sausage photo: Rhonda Jessen

Well, well, well. It's summer and obviously you need road trip help. So here I am, helping you to go on the best road trip you will ever experience! There is a plethora of large things in Alberta, and this road trip takes you to the important ones.

1. Fahler's Big Bee 

The town of Fahler is in a region with more than 48,000 colonies of honey bees. These bees produce, on average, 7 million pounds of honey each year. To celebrate this, they built a giant bee! How great is that? 

2. Andrew's Mallard Duck 

This large duck was built to commemorate the wetland areas in this district. The wetlands serve as a large breeding ground for mallards. 

3. Vilna's Mushrooms 

Fun fact for you: Vilna is the "Mushroom Capital of Alberta". Therefore, mushrooms absolutely had to be built here. 

4. Glendon's Perogy 

This bad boy was built for fun, because why not! 

5. Vegreville's Pysanka 

This was built to celebrate the Centennial of the RCMP in Alberta which took place in 1975. 

6. Wainwright's Bison 

From 1908-1940, Wainwright was home to Buffalo National Park which was established to preserve the endangered Bison. During this time, over 48,000 bison were produced in the park. The large Bison monument was erected in memory of these animals! Cool, hey? 

7. Castor's Beaver

Castor in French means Beaver, so they had a beaver named Paddy placed as their town mascot. Sick! 

8. Vauxhall's Potatoes 

Vauxhall is the potato capital of the west! They have a red and white potato named Samantha and Sammy. 

9. Drumheller's Dino's 

Drumheller has multiple monuments! The reasoning behind the two Dino's being erected is to commemorate the Dinosaur and its importance to the valley of Drumheller.

10. Donalda's Lamp 

This was constructed as a Millenium project and to complement Donalda's museum of oil lamps. 

If this isn't the road trip of a lifetime I don't know what is! Make sure you take the most touristy photo you can and frame them all in your future dorm room wall! Have a fantastic summer! 

xoxo, Gossip Girl 

J.K. It's Becky

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