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Mess with the Stress During Exam Season!

Jun 09, 2017

Hi there future King's students!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of the year for us hardworking students! Classes are done but books are still open and the stress levels can get a little bit too high. But we can all get through these with a little bit of help. Take a break, breathe, and read on to find ways to hack away at the stress and beat exam season!

  1. Go for a walk! There is nothing better than getting the blood flow up and running after sitting down and reading about photosynthesis! Release the endorphin's!!
  2. Do some yoga! Don’t know any positions? Well here, you do now! Yoga is that thing you’ve known about for so long but haven’t tried, so now is the time!
  3. Take a bubble bath! Wash away all the stress and loosen up those tense muscles.
  4. DANCE! What better way to de-stress than to take a minute or two and jam out to your favorite song. The happier you are, the more efficient you’ll be!
  5. Take a nap! It’s better to be well rested and learn a little at a time than to not sleep at all and read a whole three chapters in one sitting. Feed your brain with sleep! It’s the quality of how you study that matters, not the quantity.
  6. Swim! Go for a swim and let the water wash away all your stress.
  7. Paint your imagination! Don't worry, you don't have to be good at this one. Pick up a canvas and start painting anything! It helps get your mind off things. 
  8. Go for a drive. Turn your radio up and just drive. Drive until you feel better and drive until your mind and heart don't feel so heavy anymore. 

Stay hydrated & stay focussed my friends, we can do this.  

Yours truly,


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