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Get to Know Your Profs - Gord Preston

Jun 23, 2017

Hey there future business students!

King's is a university full of talented students, staff and faculty...but how much do we really know the professors at King's? I made it my mission to sit down with Professor Preston and ask him some question to help us get to know him better.

What inspired you to become a professor at Kings?

Throughout my career I have been either managing education or educating managers. When Kings invited me to become a professor in what is now the Leder School of Business I enthusiastically accepted because it was a logical extension of my broad career path. Over the years at Kings I realized that this work is more a calling than a job, and feel privileged to have such a noble calling to prepare future managers in understanding their occupation through a faith-based lens. 

What do you research?

My main area of research is the management of interorganizational entities such as joint ventures, and consortia. As well, I assist organizations to leverage technology for learning, particularly in the area of online learning. 

What did you do during your years of sabbatical?

During my most recent sabbatical I researched interorganizational entities; specifically higher education, distance education consortia. 

What advice do you have for prospective students entering Kings?

My advice for prospective students entering Kings is to treat your time at university seriously. It is a rare period in your life in which you have so much opportunity to learn, develop and broaden your perspective. Treat it for the gift that it is. 

What is your favourite time of year at Kings?

Probably my favourite time at Kings is graduation. I teach both the first year introductory course and one of the capstone courses, and so I get to see the development students have experienced over their years in our program. At graduation, as I watch our students cross the stage and receive their parchment, I think back to the individuals they were when they entered Kings. I often marvel at the transformation that has taken place in those few short years. 

What’s a little known fact about yourself?

Over 200 years before Trump proposed that the United States build walls with its neighbour, my ancestors were building walls to repel the Americans. My great, great, great grandfather was the chief stonemason who built the original Fort Kingston in 1810, in anticipation of the War of 1812.

 What’s the most unusual job you’ve had?

Fur trader in the Canadian Arctic.

I hope that as future King's students you make the time to get to know your professors. Your professors have so much more wisdom you can benefit from than just what you see inside the classroom.


Stay Golden,


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