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International Cat Day: Cat Adoption FAQ

Aug 05, 2019

Hey everyone!

International Cat Day is only two days away! As someone with a fond love for cats, I definitely recommend adopting one into your family. If you’re not sure if this would be the right decision for you, that’s okay. I interviewed our International Admissions Counselor, Courtney, to ask her about her experience adopting her cats Feta and Olive this past year.

What made you decide to adopt your cats?

I had moved out on my own about four months prior, and I wanted a buddy to come home to! I would have loved a puppy, but recognized that my lifestyle would not accommodate one. Therefore, my buddy would need to be a cat. I was only supposed to adopt Feta, but then I met Olive and I knew I needed to take them both home.

What concerns did you have before adopting your cats?

I’ve never had a cat before! Many cats don’t like me, so I was worried about that. What if I was a bad mom? What if they peed everywhere? The previous owner of my house had cats who destroyed the place (imagine a carpet shredded so bad that I actually gave it a haircut!) so I was a bit concerned about their destructive nature. Also some cats are just so moody, and I wanted cuddlers. You never know what you’re going to get. I also had removed my carpets upstairs and hadn’t put in new flooring yet, so I was nervous about that for some reason.

What was the adoption process like?

It was super simple! I adopted through SCARS. You fill out an application online where they ask you things like how much money would you be able to afford annually for vet bills, food, why you want a pet, etc, and then they contact you to meet the animal. The foster home where they were at had quite a number of other animals they were fostering as well, so they encouraged me to play with all the cats and see if I connected to any of them in particular, even if they weren’t the one I originally had applied for. Once you decide on your animal, you sign a contract basically saying you will take care of them and if for any reason you need to get rid of them, you need to surrender them back to SCARS. Then you pay the fee and take them home!

In my case, the kittens were only 5 weeks old at the time so I couldn’t take them home right away. I had to wait until they were big enough to be spayed and neutered, which was about a month. The foster mom sent me photos a few times - once in their cowboy Halloween costumes! (heart eye emoji). About a month after bringing them home, they went back to the vet for their booster shots and checkup.

Why did you decide to adopt from a shelter instead of buying?

The obvious answer is that they are precious critters that need a loving home! But honestly, since I adopted them when they were tiny adorable kittens, they would have had no trouble finding a home. I really like how most adoption organizations have profiles that you can read of each animal which gives you an idea of energy level, personality, whether they get along with children, other cats, or dogs. It was also great that SCARS actually has their animals in foster homes, so they are socialized with other animals and often children. I think this helped a lot with training as well. The adoption fees also covered their medical costs before you take them home, such as being microchipped, first shots, and getting spayed and neutered, so it was financially a good deal.

Do you have any tips for someone looking to adopt a cat?

DO IT. Make sure you are prepared to play with them. Lots of people think that cats don’t need much attention, but I have found, at least in my case, that my cats get really sad when I am having a busier week. If you can, adopt two. My cats keep each other company so well, and I have heard that cats often don’t get along with newcomers as well as if they arrived at the same time. Try different litter brands – all cats have a different body chemistry so what works well for your friend’s cat might not work as well for yours! I also highly recommend SCARS – they were so lovely to deal with and you can tell they love their animals so much!

What is something you wish you knew before adopting your cats?

No matter what kind of weird stuff they get into, it’s normal. Cats are weird, weird creatures. There is no normal.

What is your favorite thing about your cats?

Where do I begin?! They are super adorable. They kick my socks around like little soccer balls. They come mew at me around 10 pm when it’s time for me to put them to bed. They are super cuddly and love hanging out. They only pee where they are supposed to. They have baths with me (See above – cats are weird).

If this cute story didn’t convince you to adopt a cat then maybe a cat just isn’t the right pet for you.

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