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Comfort Food: Doughnuts!

May 29, 2018

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

As June rolls around, some of you may have your eye on upcoming final exam dates looming ever nearer. Here at the 6.01 Student Blog, we’ve got the perfect series coming up for you: comfort food! Over the next few posts, Bianca and I will talk about some great comfort food options to help with stress-relief as things get down to crunch time.


Let’s talk about doughnuts.

With National Doughnut Day on June 1, my suggestions in this post can double as stress relief and celebration ideas. Woohoo!

First, some doughnut history: While many ancient sites have evidence of food resembling doughnuts, it’s believed that the earliest origins to what we know as doughnuts today are derived from the olykoek or “oil(y) cake” that Dutch settlers brought to New York. These were similar to today’s doughnuts, except they didn’t have the classic ring shape.

Gourmet Doughnut Spots

Canada. Loves. Doughnuts. Did you know that Canadians consume the most doughnuts and have the most doughnut stores per capita? Here are some next-level doughnut spots in Edmonton you should check out if you haven’t yet:

Doughnut Party

This majorly aesthetic and highly rated doughnut shop/café has a huge selection of flavours and great vegan doughnut options! One look at their Instagram feed and I am already obsessed. The shop itself is open until they run out of fresh doughnuts for the day, and you can even order some for pickup if you want 2 dozen or more.

Moonshine Doughnuts

Moonshine has been featured on the Food Network and on Buzzfeed! Most of their doughnuts are vegan, they have gluten-free options, and their Instagram feed is just as gorgeous and mouth-watering as Doughnut Party’s! Run by boyfriends and bakers Matthew and Simon since 2012, Moonshine is a pop-up shop. You can find them at the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market and the City Market on Saturdays, or you can check their calendar to see where they’ll show up next.

Doughnut Recipes

If you want to give doughnut-making a shot, check out this easy recipe for beginners that uses store-bought dough.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try making your own dough! I found a couple recipes, which you can try here and here.


What’s your favourite doughnut spot? Doughnut flavour? Doughnut recipe? Let us know in the comments!


Happy snacking!


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