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Commuter Shopping List: What To Keep On-Campus

Aug 24, 2018

Hi friends!

A new school year means new school supplies! For university students, these are not just your average school supply list. This is the ultimate commuter shopping list! Living off campus is great until you forget something and you’re more than halfway to school. Don’t turn around, instead be prepared at school!

Other than the basic supplies, I have put together a little checklist of things you might not have thought of, things you can have ready to use in your locker and things you can use in case you forgot to pick it up at home. 

⬜ Planner/Calendar

⬜ Mini stapler

⬜ Tape

⬜ Ruler

⬜ Magnets

⬜ Portable locker shelves

⬜ Extra snacks to put in your locker for those rushed mornings

⬜ Extra shoes for the gym or to change if the weather is mucky

⬜ Extra clothes

⬜ Extra notebooks for note taking

⬜ Umbrella

⬜ Headphones

⬜ Water bottle

⬜ Jumper cables just in case it’s too cold outside to start your car

⬜ Personal bag that includes things like medicine, band aids, gum and other personal items

⬜ Gym bag with gym essentials

⬜ Extra packs of paper

⬜ Portable phone charger/laptop charger

The nice thing about a list is that you can always add on to it and sometimes there is no end! This school year, motivate yourself to stay organized and make organization a goal. Start your semester off strong by being prepared. I hope this commuter shopping list gets you on track and saves you from the anxiety of forgetting something at home! What else would you add?


Yours Truly,


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