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Top 4 Room Decor Ideas - For Dorms & At Home!

Aug 21, 2018

New school year, new room!

Whether you’re planning the set-up of your new room in residence, or looking for a fresh update for your room at home, back to school is the perfect time for a change to make you feel like a fresh start! Here are four of my favourite room décor ideas to make your room really feel like home:

  1. String Lights
    String lights are a great way to make any room immediately cozy and joyful any time of year. And there are so many kinds of string lights to choose from! Use Christmas lights with white bulbs for a cute look from lights you probably have in storage, or go for Edison-style bulbs or hanging patio lights for something a little more classy/chic/rustic. One of the great things about string lights is all the different ways you can hang them! Put them along the top of your wall, drape them over a book case, use them to frame your bed, or string them across the ceiling.
  2. Gallery Walls
    Don’t be intimidated by the gallery wall. It’s surprisingly easy to come up with a good layout and it’s an easy way to decorate one part of the room, but improve the entire space! Gallery walls look especially great when they’re centered above a piece of furniture, like your bed, your desk, or a couch. The other nice thing about the gallery wall is the variety of things you can include! You can hang framed photos, unframed photos, posters, mirrors, wooden signs, pennant banners . . . you name it!
    A quick gallery wall tip: Lay out everything you want to hang on the floor to figure out your layout before you start putting things on the wall. Alternatively, cut paper to the same sizes as all your photos and play around with the layout by temporarily taping the paper to the wall first.
  3. Plants
    What’s not to love about plants? They add some colour and life to your room, and if you get the right ones, they filter and purify the air too! Little potted plants look great on window-sills, desks, bookshelves, and bed-side tables.
    If you have a hard time keeping your plants alive, don’t worry! There are lots of low-maintenance choices to make your room green and vibrant with little effort. Succulents and cacti are an especially great option because they don’t need to be watered very often. Air plants don’t even need soil! Just lay them down in a little dish and spray them with water every once and awhile.
  4. Wall Tapestries
    Maybe the gallery wall thing wasn’t your cup of tea. Maybe you want to partner your gallery wall with another option to spruce up your walls. No matter your style, there’s definitely a wall tapestry out there for you; and they look amazing! They’re usually pretty light, so they’re easy to hang, and you can find tapestries in all colours, patterns, and designs. These look especially great hanging above your bed, like a headboard.

There you have it! Any one of these four décor ideas looks great on their own, but you can combine them for the ultimate room.

Which one of these options is your favourite?

Happy decorating!


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