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DIY Christmas Gifts & Wrapping Tips

Dec 07, 2018

I know it’s exam season right now, but it’s also the advent season! As we look forward to and anticipate the birth of Christ, lots of people are also starting to plan how they’re going to be generous and spread joy this winter!

Whether you’re giving gifts this month because someone you love has a December birthday, or you celebrate Christmas or any other winter holiday, here are some home-made gift and gift-wrapping ideas to get you started!

Try putting together a mason jar gift!
The jar itself is so cute you don’t need to wrap it—just slap a tag on there and you’re good to go! You can put just about anything into a mason jar to make an adorable hand-made gift.

  • If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make candles in a jar! I tried this one year and it was so much fun and a huge hit.
  • Mason jar gifts are perfect for ready-to-go baking recipes, too! Just fill a jar with the dry ingredients, and include a cute tag of instructions. There are so many options you can try, from M&M cookies, to peppermint brownies.
  • Put together a self-care jar! Depending on the jar size, you can fill it with everything needed for a new manicure or pedicure or a little spa day at home! Nail polish and small lotion bottles are the perfect fit.
  • Why not fill a jar with a holiday drink? Give the gift of Peppermint Hot Chocolate; the jar doubles as a cute new drinking glass!

Get creative with your wrapping!
Whether you’re buying gifts or making them, there are so many gorgeous and creative ways for you to wrap them up.

  • Take the zero-waste route and use newspapers or old maps as wrapping paper, or get familiar with Furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping, using fabric instead of paper.
  • Looking for a cute tag? Try these printable chalkboard labels, or get creative and design your own with black construction paper and white pencil crayons!
  • Using twine instead of ribbon is always a nice little added touch for a more earthy look.

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our Be Generous Pinterest Board for some extra inspiration!

Happy Giving!

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