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Favourite Class Recommendations from King’s Students

Apr 12, 2022

Once again we are approaching the end of another successful school year. For new and returning students, this is also the time to create our Fall and Winter 2022-2023 schedules and register for the courses that most interest us! For the students that are struggling to decide which classes to take, I have decided to interview a few students about some of their favourite classes that may give you a bit of guidance! Here are their responses:

“The Person in Society (PSYC251) with Dr. Thea was definitely my favourite. I learned a lot about various behaviour types and different treatments for mental illnesses. Also, Dr. Thea talked about different types of degrees and programs you can take after your bachelor’s. It’s great to know that there are a lot of choices after graduating.” - Kzyan Delacruz (2nd year, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology)

“Business as Mission with Dr. Kim because the concepts I learned can be used for my business and they’re very applicable to everyday life.” - Saul Saunders (1st year, Bachelor of Commerce in General Business)

“It would have to be History of Gender and Sexuality (HIST332) with Dr. Lieffers. I really liked the topics we discussed. Also, the focus of the course was a good balance since a lot of other history courses are based on really old topics.” - Tirza Lanza (2nd year, Bachelor of Arts in History)

“Historical Methods (HIST300) was pretty good. Most PHE classes are pretty esoteric. Methods of Inquiry and Analysis in the Social Sciences was also interesting because it was a research course.” - Kaden Fraser (2nd year, Bachelor of Arts in Politics-History-Economics)

“I really liked World History (HIST204) with Dr. Lieffers and Intro Philosophy (PHIL230) with Dr. Dudiak. It was pretty easy for the course concepts and it was interesting. Also, the professors are amazing.” - Jorgia Skare (1st year, Bachelor of Science in Biology)

“Educational Strategies (EDUC211) with Raymond Klassen. He teaches you how to be a better student and the different types of intelligence. School tests on certain things seem to define our “intelligence,” but there are lots of different types of intelligence that we don’t get tested on regularly like artistic intelligence. It’s an eye-opener.” - Divine Ohanwe (2nd year, Bachelor of Science in Computing Science)

I hope these course recommendations help you in building your schedules for the next school year!

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