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Things Students have Learned this Year

Apr 05, 2022

There are officially six days left of classes! I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for a break. I know it’s been a tough semester or even a tough academic year so now is the time to give yourselves a pat on the back for surviving another school year. I’m sure each one of us has learned plenty of things this year and I was curious about what everyone has learned. So for this week’s blog, I decided to interview some of my fellow students to find out!

“I’ve learned that no matter how much you try to plan ahead, life is meant to be lived in the moment. As a graduating student, I found myself preoccupied with my “next steps” and I realized that I was missing out on what was right in front of me. Taking a step back to trust the process, improved my experiences this year and taught me the importance of learning to live more naturally rather than according to a documented plan.” -Ashley Corbiere, 3rd year of Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

“In my first year at King’s, I’ve learned the importance of building amazing connections and relationships with others.” -Melvin Adekanye, 1st year of Bachelor of Science in Computing Science

“I would say I challenged myself this year to reach out and make new connections. On one hand, I’d consider myself an extrovert because I’ve always been driven by social interactions and a love for people, but I can also be extremely shy and anxious in social settings, which I think is something that comes across as quite confusing from an outsiders perspective. But I think it’s important to continuously challenge yourself, and it was only when I started taking the initiative to reach out to others that I was able to kind of break that barrier. I think too often we’re caught up in waiting for things to fall into place, or we get trapped in this pity party, as I admit I did, hoping for someone to reach out when we have the power to change that situation ourselves. Our own fear and insecurities too often hold us back from opportunities, and sometimes you have to just set your emotions aside. I’m more than glad I did because it’s allowed me to meet some really cool people, including yourself, which has served as a valuable reminder to continue to be courageous in the big and small things, and the everyday.” -Emily Steinke, 2nd year of Bachelor of Arts

“I learned how to manage my time better so that I can have enough time to finish my papers, take time to take care of my mental and physical health, and maintain close and healthy relationships with my family and friends.” -Minji Kang, 2nd year of Bachelor of Arts in PHE

“One thing I learned this year, especially through student teaching, is that although this occupation takes a lot of work, time and commitment… I absolutely love it! I have been able to form relationships with students, staff and my mentor teacher. It has helped me to remember why I chose to go to into the education program at King’s. In terms of life in general, through many hardships, I have had this past year I have really learned what family is. Just because people are not blood-related to you does not mean that they are not your family and will support you. On the flip side, just because people are blood-related you does not mean they are family. I have learned that family has a much deeper meaning and understanding than ever before.” -Kena Boldt, 1st year of Bachelor of Education in Secondary

Thank you to all the students that took their time to share with us a few things they’ve learned this year. Before I wrap this blog up, I’d also like to tell you guys what I’ve learned this year. I’ve learned that it is okay to put yourself first and the importance of your own mental health. No matter how tough or busy life gets, prioritize taking care of yourself and know that you will always get through it. Never forget this.

All the best,

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