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Generosity this Christmas

Dec 12, 2019

If you have ever been thinking of ways that you can give back to the community around the holiday season, I have some perfect options for you to do so! Here are some volunteering and charity opportunities that can make a really huge impact in giving back this Christmas:


  • Meals on Wheels: Help deliver a hearty meal this Christmas to someone who may need it.


  • Mustard Seed: The Mustard Seed gives you the opportunity to volunteer in a variety of areas whether that is helping out in the kitchen or organizing clothes for families! This is a great way to help families make sure they are prepared for the cold.


  • Sponsor a family: Whether you are sponsoring a family in Edmonton or internationally, any kind of help is useful to families who live in third world countries. This Christmas you can act like their Santa and have the opportunity to gift them essentials that they need.
  • Visit senior homes: Most often seniors love having people in and around their community visit them for a day. You can do things like play games, eat, or sing Christmas carols together. You’ll have the chance to bring them a little Christmas cheer.
  • Volunteer for Veterans: Christmas involves a lot of reflection and being thankful for those around you. One way to give back to our veterans is to volunteer for them. You can make food or write Christmas cards!


  • Visit Animal shelters: This link will allow you to search up all kinds of animal shelters that you can visit, help out at, and send extra love to all the animals who don’t have a home this Christmas. By showing them love and affection, the shelter could feel just like home to them.


  • Santa’s Little Helpers:  One of my favorite places to visit during the festive season is Santa’s Little Helpers. When you’re around this place, it makes you quite nostalgic seeing all the toys you had encounters with. It’s even better when you know they’re going to kids who deserve them!
  • Toys for Tots: Another amazing toy organization you can volunteer with or donate to!

My heart absolutely melted at all the volunteer and donation opportunities out there. Let this be the season of giving and loving!

Yours Truly,

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