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How to Enjoy Taste of Edmonton from Home

Jul 17, 2020

Continuing with the festival theme, let’s talk about Taste of Edmonton. Around this time of year an annual outdoor festival called Taste of Edmonton usually makes its appearance, with food samplings from all kinds of unique restaurants in our community.

Although we can’t attend the festival this year, the festival can be brought to you in the very comfort of your own home! For this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to give you motivation and some ideas of how to create your very own taste of Edmonton at home. The festival is also asking for donations this year, to save the festival and to help ensure that we can have Taste of Edmonton again next year. Consider donating so that we don’t have to say goodbye to this festival permanently! 

As part of their own festivities, Taste of Edmonton is also moving things online and featuring the restaurants and food trucks that would have been at the festival this year. Tune in to their instagram account July 16-26 for live streams and food features! Maybe this will give you even more ideas for local food to try from home!

Search some wacky recipes to try
Trying a new recipe is always fun! Thanks to the internet, we can search some of the wackiest flavours and recipes to try. You can even host a little competition where you have loved ones or friends try out your dishes and rate them as they see fit. The point is that you have total creative control on the kinds of recipes you create. You can even search up some Taste of Edmonton recipes and recreate them! Here are some fun ones to get you started.

Sample different recipes from different cultures
Much like the Heritage Day Festival, we too can combine this festival with cultural aspects by finding recipes from different cultures and giving them a try. The more varying cultural recipes, the more we can experience not only restaurants but the different communities we have in Edmonton.

During this time, we have been supporting local businesses but why not take it a step further for this version of Taste of Edmonton and support other small food businesses that are new to us? If you would rather have the authentic experience of what Taste of Edmonton is really like, you can order small dishes from different restaurants and make your way up to Churchill Square where Taste of Edmonton is usually located for a little picnic!

Food Truck Season
Summer is the season of food trucks! I know a lot of food trucks show up during Taste of Edmonton so this is a perfect way to still get the experience this summer. If you are looking for more of a bite-size item to chow down on, food trucks were made for these kinds of decisions. There are numerous apps and websites that track down the locations of Edmonton food trucks week by week so we don’t have to worry about missing out. Take the Street Food App for example!

This blog is definitely starting to make me hungry and if food trucks are in season, you bet my appetite will be too! Don’t let the idea of Taste of Edmonton not being around this year get you down. On the bright side, this gives you an opportunity to see more of Edmonton, our restaurants, recipes and community. You just might have to look a little harder!

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