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How to Organize In-Person and Online Assignments

Jan 07, 2021

Happy New Year and welcome back! I hope everyone had a restful and food-filled holiday with lots of love. I cannot express how many challenges and learning opportunities 2020 was filled with but let me say you are all warriors! Good things are coming in this new year. Let us start ringing 2021 in with some ways to keep on top of things this new semester!

I have been a student at King’s for five years in total! That means five years of learning and assignments, which means I have a lot of experience with finding ways to organize all of my assignments and exam dates.

I am here to tell you all about my one special strategy that has worked for me all through these five years. I like to call it the list of goals. Actually, I don’t really have a name for it, but this will have to do for its purpose! Let’s do this step by step!

Step 1: Gather all materials

You will need:

  • A long piece of paper or construction paper
  • Your course syllabi
  • Colored pens/markers/writing utensil
  • Snacks to get you through seeing all the due dates you have ahead of you

Step 2: Identify monthly due dates

Identify on each syllabus what is due in which month by indicating it with the first letter of the month. J for January, F for February, etc.

Step 3: Identify what's due first

Identify which assignment/exam is due first in the month (you can choose how to do this. I like to number them).

Step 4: Make a list

Start your paper with the title ASSIGNMENT/EXAM DUE DATES and start with the first month of the semester. Underneath the name of the month, write the due date, course, and what the assignment/exam is. For example:

11 – Educ 450 Reflection #1
15 – Educ 410 Theory Paper
16 – Educ 450 Reflection #2

I like to color code each class, so I don’t miss anything.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 for every month! 

I actually separate my exams and assignments on to two different pieces of paper. I like to see my assignments for one month and exams separately. Feel free to change it to whatever suits you best! The point of this is so you can see everything that you have over the semester and keep on top of things. The best part is that when you’re done an assignment, you can cross it off your list! So satisfying! Take a peek at mine for last semesters for reference!

Yours truly,

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