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How to Thrive in Your University Years

Nov 09, 2021

Attending university is so exciting and it becomes some of the most important years of your lives. It’s filled with ups and downs, and there are definitely times when it is very stressful. For this week’s blog, I interviewed some of our very own professors for the best advice they could give for us students to thrive during our university years. Let’s take a look at what they said:

“My best advice to students would be to stay organized. Time management is so important for success, so prioritize and plan as much as possible so that you can stay on top of things and avoid having to panic under pressure… It is also important to enjoy the course you’re taking, which makes it so much easier to attend those 8 a.m. classes…” - Dr. Caitlynd Myburgh, Professor of Biology and Kinesiology

“ NEVER MISS CLASS. Just don't. Attend every time. It builds discipline. It keeps you connected to the material. It keeps you engaged with the class, so up to date with expectations and assignments, etc. Moreover, in class the professor is going to discuss what she or he thinks is important. And what is she or he going to put on the exams? What she or he thinks is important! Going to class is the most effective studying you will do.” - Dr. Jeffrey Dudiak, Professor of Philosophy

“Make the most of your time! It goes incredibly fast, and you will be extremely busy, and it seems like there is never enough time in the day to do everything…but enjoy it! These are amazing years in your life when you get the chance to read, and write and discuss and discover new things constantly. Make the most of it! University is as much about the social and relational aspects as it is about the learning (maybe more)! Use your time to cultivate good friendships with your fellow students. The classes will end; but the friendships will last a lifetime. Don't be anxious about what comes after King’s: just enjoy the time here, while you are here. Look around at your world and enjoy the things you have going on right now. Buy your professor a coffee!” - Dr. Mark Sandle, Professor of History

“As much as possible, I hope that students separate their self-identity from their academic performance. You are not your marks, nor do they fundamentally determine your value as a human being. Secure your value elsewhere and bring that send of identity, strongly, into your classes. In my own Christianity, I sit secure knowing that my value is intrinsic as a child of God; that no amount of success or failure can alter that value. For the non-Christian readers of your blog, that intrinsic idea may be found in another set of fundamentals ideas or practices. Christian or non-Christian, I encourage students to seek their value somewhere more secure than their academic transcripts.” - Dr. Remkes Kooistra, Professor of Mathematics

I hope you all enjoyed reading that as much as I did and that you keep them in the back of your head during your university years. I’d like to thank all of the professors that took their time to give us their best advice. They definitely brought a smile to my face and reminded me of some of the most important things I should remember not only as a student but also as a person.

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