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How To Use King's Healthcare Plan

Jul 22, 2016

Hello King's,

Did you know that The King's University Students' Association (TKUSA) offers all full-time students an extended health and benefits plan? Well now you do! This is an awesome service that can help you to offset a large portion of your health care costs. This blog post will walk you through how to get the most out of this health care plan!

1. Choose a plan

There are a total of four different health care plans that you can choose from to suit your individual health care needs:

  • Balanced Plan - gives you basic overall coverage for vision, drugs and dental.
  • Vision Plan - gives you greater coverage on any optician and eye related health costs.
  • Drug Plan - gives you more coverage on any prescriptions, perfect if you have lots of monthly medications.
  • Dental Plan - provides increased coverage on dental and other oral health related health costs.

You have thirty days at the beginning of the semester to pick which plan is best for you. You can register, and look at the different plans here.

2. Opt out if you have existing coverage

If you have existing health care coverage, either through your parents, or a different provider, you don't need to pay for the TKUSA Health Plan. While you will still pay a health care fee at registration confirmation, you can apply for a refund once you prove you have comparative coverage, but you only have 30 days in which apply. For more information and to apply for a refund, click here.

3. Download the TKUSA App

The TKUSA App is the best way for you to not only keep tabs on your health plan, but also to keep tabs on what is happening on campus. Through the TKUSA App, you can look at your health plan, make a claim, and a find a specialist. You can also see upcoming events, join a club, or look at transit routes. To download it search for "TKUSA" in the App Store and Google Play.

4. Visit a medical practitioner

Now that you have your health insurance, you are ready to go see a dentist, optician or fill a prescription. While you are free to see anyone you like, if you visit a practitioner within the TKUSA network, you may receive a discount. To see which practitioners are part of the network, click here.

5. Make a claim

If the medical practitioner that you visit does not offer direct billing, you can submit a claim to get your money back! This can be done online or through the TKUSA App. Both methods are easy-to-use, and with direct deposit, you should have your money back in no time! 

I hope that you now feel like you understand a little better how to use the TKUSA health plan. It is very simple and offers great coverage. The price of the health plan as of the 2016/17 year is $202/year, which works out to only $16/month! After your first eye exam and pair of glasses the plan would have already paid for itself! If you have any questions that were not answered here, please contact TKUSA here.

All the best, 


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