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I Almost Forgot... (Things to Pack for Rez)

Aug 15, 2016

Hey Rez Students!

When moving out there are a lot of things to think about, and often during the busyness of it all there are important items that can get forgotten. Don’t worry, this list here will help you to make sure that you have all of the essential items you need to live comfortably (although realistically, if you do forget something Walmart is just down the road). Some of these things I personally forgot, and some of these things were forgotten by people I know – either way, learn from our experience and pack these things:

  • Memory foam mattress cover – This was something I forgot, but if your bed is a comfy one, you will most definitely be a happier person and will get a good night's sleep that will help you to excel in your classes.
  • Extra blankets – Let's be honest, Edmonton is cold, plus blankets are comfy. You never know when you might want another fuzzy blanket to snuggle with.
  • Ear plugs and a sleep mask – These are for those days when you desperately need a nap but it’s too bright out or noisy. Trust me, it’s a worthwhile investment.
  • Bedside table – If you’re in a tower room you might want to consider bringing a small end table to put beside your bed. This is great for a small lamp, alarm clock, phone, glasses, place to put your coffee or tea… There are so many ways that a bedside table is a must have for your room.
  • Extension cords – There’s always a shortage of plugins and they probably won’t be where you want them to be. Extension cords are your friends.
  • Deck of cards – There are so many games to play with a simple set of cards. Cards are basically the equivalent of games on your phone except you get to play them with real live people! Any other small board games or card games are good too because it’s a great way to have fun with friends for free (Dutch Blitz anyone?!).
  • Basic cleaning supplies – You’re going to want to be able to clean your sink, shower, toilet, and wash your dishes… it's also a good idea to be able to dust and vacuum (or sweep). If you start the year off with these supplies you are way more likely to actually keep your room clean. These supplies include: toilet brush, toilet cleaner, all-purpose cleaner for the sink and shower, dish soap and scrubby, glass cleaning spray, dusting spray, rubber gloves, paper towels, cleaning cloths, broom/vacuum/Swiffer.
  • Tissues – Colds spread like wildfire through the school and real tissues are so much better than toilet paper when your nose is runny.
  • All the meds – Medicine is not for the weak, medicine is for those who don’t have time to waste feeling sick. Cold medicine, Tylenol, Advil… they will get you through the semester (plus they are expensive so ask your parents really nicely and maybe they can hook you up with some Costco size bottles as a going away gift).
  • Band-Aids – Yes Band-Aids are kind of for kids, but they are also an important part of life. If you have Band-Aids you will not only help yourself, but you can also help our your new neighbours and friends because most people forget about needing essential first-aid supplies.
  • Laundry hamper and/or laundry bag – Most residence rooms don’t have a spot to put your laundry hamper that is out of sight, so consider in investing in a hamper that hides your dirty laundry. Also a hamper that is easy to transport or a laundry bag is also useful for transporting laundry to and from the laundry room.
  • Plastic clothes hangers – The best kind to get are ones that are relatively thin plastic, not the big thick wood ones. This allows you to maximize the amount of clothes you can fit into your hanging space.
  • Drying rack – Yes there are dryers here, but lots of clothing items will shrink if they go in the dryer. Plus laundry costs money, so the more things you can put on a drying rack, the more your wallet will thank you.
  • Lint roller, wrinkle spray, Tide To Go – All of these items will save you in a pinch. A lint roller is obvious, Tide To Go will save you from stains, and even if you think you might not need wrinkle spray, there will come a day when you need a nice shirt and you realize you left it in a pile of the floor for just too long. Do yourself a favour and get these super helpful tools.
  • Business casual attire – Yes I know, it's university and lots of people wear sweatpants every day. But at some point you will have a presentation/job interview/etc. that you will need to look professional for. Having at least one outfit that works as business casual will come in handy.
  • Semi-formal attire – There are usually a couple Rez events each semester that require some dress-up, so have something that you can pull out if you need to look a little fancier than usual.
  • Boot tray – Let’s face it, it’s Edmonton. If you go outside in the winter you will most likely track in snow and dirt with you. Save yourself the pain of constant cleaning and get a tray to leave your wet boots and shoes so you don’t make a mess of your whole room.
  • Duct tape – I can’t think of a specific reason why you will need duct tape, but you will. Duct tape is the magical fix-everything tool that can literally do anything. Just get it.

Hopefully this list helps you remember those easy to forget items. If you need a more extensive packing list, check our Residence FAQ under "What Should I Bring?" that tell you what you will need for the 3 different residence options at King’s. And be sure to check out our Pinterest page and picture how awesome your room can be!

Happy Moving!


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