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Happy National Hot Tea Month!

Jan 08, 2016
Enjoying some tea in my retro King's mug!
Enjoying some tea in my retro King's mug!

Hi everyone!

For all the tea lovers out there, I’m sure you will be just as excited as I was to find out that January 2016 is National Hot Tea Month. Yes, that’s right – there is an entire month dedicated to drinking and enjoying hot tea. In honour of National Hot Tea month and my tea addiction, this blog is dedicated to places that have great tea, because we all need a little more tea in our lives (there is no such thing as too much tea).

  • Cha Island Tea Co.: With over 100 teas to choose from, freshly made sandwiches and waffles, and board games, Cha Island is a colourful café that often has live music as well.
  • The Tea Place: The Tea Place offers a variety of both hot and iced beverages (including bubble tea), as well as some great lunch items.
  • Steeps Tea Lounge: This is a great place to go to enjoy a cup of tea – it has a wonderful atmosphere for catching up with friends.
  • Cally’s Tea: This tea place has 50’s vibes; with over 250 teas from around the world and a selection of homemade baked goods, this is a place that you will definitely want to check out!
  • David’s Tea: Although this isn’t really a place where you would sit and have a cup of tea, they sell a wide selection of loose leaf teas and tea related products – it’s a great place to go to so that you can enjoy great tea from the comfort of your home.
  • Teavana: This also isn’t a place where you would sit and stay for a while, but it has tons of loose tea and tea products, and usually has several sample teas brewing to try. Definitely check Teavana out to bring tea into your home.

And for the beginner tea drinker or those wanting to learn something new… Take an e-course, Tea 101: A Brewing and Tasting Guide, to learn about different types of tea, the best water temperature, how to properly taste tea, and how to use tea as an ingredient in food and other drinks.

There you have some new places to try (or to re-visit), but if you have other favourite places, be sure to leave a note because I would love to check it out!



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